I work with individuals, couples and groups for the rapid and complete cessation of Tobacco, Nicotine and/or Cannabis. The process is also suited to clients wishing to stop Vaping or using Nicotine Gum, Patches or Lozenges.

My approach is designed to work best for clients wishing to stop nicotine completely, without medications or replacements. I am qualified and certified to provide clinical advice regarding varenicline (Chantix), bupriopion (Zyban, Wellbutrin) and/or NRT methods, but I generally refer clients who wish to take that approach to the free counseling services provided by the Colorado Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW).

I have over 14 years and 20,000 clinical hours experience as a Registered Psychotherapist, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, NLP Master Trainer and NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, prior to that I was a heavy smoker myself for 30 years. I have a degree in Psychology and pursue advanced studies in Behavioral Neuroscience through the University of Colorado at Denver.

In my practice I employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Subliminal/Covert Hypnotic Techniques, and Interactive Neurolinguistics in a collaborative and "conscious-mindful" approach. I guide and enable my clients in the use of verbal and cognitive techniques to reframe perceptions and promote attitude / behavior change.

I don't use any kind of pre-scripted, "cookie-cutter" protocol. With over 4000 private clients, no two sessions have ever been identical. My goal is to work with your unique personal history, perceptions, behaviors and concerns to develop custom techniques that engage your unique character strengths and practical skills.

Your session / process is designed to take place as a half-day private interaction, with morning or afternoon appointments available. Yours will be the only session scheduled on your appointed day so that your personal process will not be rushed or limited in any way. I have in the past also worked with clients who prefer to extend their process and meet more than one time before actually stopping, my main goal is to create a responsive process that works for you.

Key goals of my client interactions include:

  • Providing factual information to dispel misconceptions about tobacco, nicotine, and addiction,
  • Coaching specific practical strategies for effective thought and behavior modification,
  • Proving through direct experience the neurolinguistic shift between "Easy" and "Difficult,"
  • Helping clients reframe beliefs and attitudes to redefine thier perceptions of stopping,
  • Showing why past attempts have failed and how to create different outcomes,
  • Teaching psychological "mental hacks" for self-persuasion and intrinsic motivation,
  • Enabling self-efficacy for sound decision making and long-term self-directed change,
  • Inspiring positive motivational vision for sustainable investment in goal achievement,
  • Connecting clients to a sense of genuine relaxation and confidence of success.
  • Success Rates, Guarantees & Follow-up Support The therapeutic coaching relationship is a two-person collaboration that will naturally vary case by case. It would be impossible for any therapist to enforce learning or behavior change for any specific client, no legitimate therapist would claim personal "success rates" or offer guarantees. The HypNoSmoke process is designed and intended to be a one-session intervention resulting in sustained tobacco cessation. For clients who feel the need for additional help beyond the primary session, I provide up to 30 days direct support (by phone or in-office) for private clients at no additional charge, as well as a lifetime free pass to any future public events for ongoing support and reinforcement.

    Deep-Relaxation Techniques can sometimes serve as a helpful reinforcement of a well-made decision. Most clients initially expect that there will be some type of formal hypnosis experience -- what most Hypnotherapists would refer to as "the Trance." This is certainly the most famous hypnotherapy technique (often the only technique offered by most hypnotists) but it should never be relied on exclusively as a stand-alone "cure" for anything. I often work successfully with clients who want to take full advantage of conscious / mindful techniques but are not interested in "getting hypnotized" at all.

    By the time we come to a point in the process where formal hypnotic technique might be appropriate, most clients realize that it will not be necessary. Some clients do wish to have a guided relaxation as a final reinforcement to conclusion to their process, and this is always available to every client at no additional cost.

    If you'd like to know more about the way I explain the use of different psychological and hypnotic techniques in my process, feel free to call me directly and I'll be happy to discuss it with you! (303) 246-0354.

    Fee Structure

    My fee for coaching, hypnotherapy and general consultation is based on $100 per hour. For nicotine cessation, most clients are successful in one session lasting approximately 4 hours. I offer a "full session" rate of $300 for the process.. Clients who have previously paid to attend one of my public seminars receive a $50 credit toward any full session.

    For couples and friends who wish to receive coaching together, I offer a discounted rate for two-person or three-person sessions,
    Two person session = $250 per person.
    Three or Four Person session = $200 per person.

    In Denver, my private practice is located on South Gaylord Street near Washington Park, where I see clients by appointment only. If you'd like to discuss an appointment or learn more about my process, please contact me at the number below. I feel it's very important to speak directly, however briefly, with a prospective client before setting an appointment, so I don't take third-party appointments or book sessions online, by email or by text. I look forward to speaking with you!

    Frank Oden CH/NLP
    (303) 246-0354

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