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The HypNoSmoke factory floor. Frank Oden's blog posts on Tobacco Cessation, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stoicism and the role of language in self-directed behavior change

Did you know that the most common, most effective and easiest method for quitting tobacco -- the one used by most former smokers around the world -- is Cold Turkey?

You may have "tried that before" and didn't get the results you wanted. But if you've struggled and failed in the past it wasn't because the method doesn't work, or because you are unable. You just didn't do it correctly. You tried sparring with behavior but you didn't get your mind right first.

Maybe you know a smoker who quit easily, threw out the pack and never looked back. Maybe you noticed how they always say, "I just decided." "I just made up my mind."

They didn't struggle with craving or triggers, they didn't worry about willpower. They used a specific mental state to produce and project absolute certainty, total confidence and a relaxed attitude of perfect positive expectation. No drug or device can deliver that effect, but you can create it at will with a few simple mental hacks.

All you have to change is your mind.

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Tobacco expert, psychotherapist and professional hypnotist Frank Oden has conducted over 100 HypNoSmoke seminars in the Denver area. Each event is a full tobacco cessation process of cognitive-behavioral and NLP techniques followed by deep relaxation hypnosis. Seminars are held monthly in comfortable theater style settings, with limited attendance to allow ample personal space.

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Local Professional - 13 Years in Denver Clinical Practice

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"I wanted to say thank you! Since taking your seminar back in March I have stayed a non-smoker 'til my final day. My mother hasn't had a smoke since the seminar either! You were incredible, and you changed my life. I'm healthier, I can smell and taste again. I'm referring everyone I know that wants to quit, to you. Thank You!"

Mark B. Denver, CO

Frank traveled to our community to provide a group session. The class filled up and we have had wonderful success following the event. From our small group I know of at least 13 that have completely quit, and others have cut back significantly. Everyone involved was very satisfied.

Cardiac/Pulmonary Services Director Wray, CO

Frank, I took your seminar a month or two ago. In the past, I lost the battle with nicotine so many times but with your help/session now I don't even give it a second look. You have given me my life back, if you ever need a referral please send them my way.

Geoff N. Denver, CO
Private Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Individuals, Couples & Small Groups

Becoming Nicotine Free is simple to do and easy to sustain for life, but that first big step can feel like a major challenge - not only for first-timers but especially for those who have struggled and failed in the past. Affordable private sessions are available for individuals, couples and small groups, to address your specific concerns, guide your transition and empower your resolve. Includes personalized deep-relaxation hypnosis, if desired. (Client option)

Private Clients - $300
No charge for personal support / follow-up within 30 days.
Includes lifetime free pass to $50 seminars (held monthly)

Two or Three Person Session - $250 each
Couples, friends and family members save up to $150 in shared sessions.
Also includes 30 days direct support and lifetime pass to seminars.

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I really enjoyed the session and found you very easy to talk to. In addition to quitting smoking, I was also able to stick with my new workout routine and actually lost 50 pounds in under a year. Thank you for what you helped me do.

Rob M. Commerce City, CO

You took the time to understand me and my life and how smoking affected it, and provided me with engaging intellectual conversation about smoking patterns that really tipped the scales of reason in my favor

Brian B Denver. CO

You have given me the confidence to be a nonsmoker and to feel good about myself doing it. I was also able to incorporate your program into other aspects of my life. I am working out and even running a little. Just wanted to say thank you.

Catie P. Broomfield, CO
Six Mental Hacks for Nicotine Freedom

That person you know who "just quit" one day, and said it was easy?
They did it with one or more (maybe all) of these tools.
Positive Motivation
 Hack Your Motivation

Smokers tend to assume that aversive, negative ideas and images about smoking are the best motivations to quit. But negative motivators like fear will quickly fade once a change has been made. Use valid strategies for creating long term self-motivation.

Good Information
 Hack Your Information

We prefer ideas that support existing views. As smokers we collected "proof" of need and desire (addiction, craving, stress, failure). A nonsmoker rejects those false ideas and acts on facts that support nonsmoking. Choose your information policy wisely.

Clear Perspective
 Hack Your Perspective

A smoker who is trying to quit will think, "I want to smoke but I can't." Smokers are very familiar with that feeling and imagine nonsmoking as a lifetime of deprivation. An actual nonsmoker thinks, "I could smoke anytime I want to, but I just don't want to."

Powerful Attitude
Hack Your Attitude

Optimist / Pessimist choices may reflect situation over character. Were you thirsty, or drowning when you saw the glass of water? Bad experience can engender pessimistic views and vice versa. Applied optimism is the correct strategic antidote.

Absolute Certainty
 Hack your Certainty

Constantly reminding and scolding yourself and picking "Willpower" battles is an ineffective, punishing grind. But we never struggle at all when we're getting what we want. Know what you want and why and how to get it. Be certain that you will.

Mental Relaxation
 Hack Relaxation

With the other five concepts in place, there's no battle to fight, no need for strength or resistance. When you know that something is easily done with simple skills you already possess, you do it with a relaxed and positive expectation of success.

With a 30 year past as a heavy tobacco and marijuana smoker, twelve years as a stop-smoking hypnotist, a life's career in public speaking and 15,000 clinical hours coaching individual smokers and groups of every size, Denver psychotherapist, smoking expert and NLP master trainer Frank Oden combines Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnotic persuasion skills with proven cognitive behavioral techniques in a compelling single-session process that has guided thousands of former nicotine and THC users to rapid and lasting success.

As clinician, speaker, author and coach, Oden is skilled communicator of the true nature of smoking, the intricacies of "the smoker mindset," and the role of language in self-directed behavior change.